Python create tempfile


You need to create a temporary directory and found the tempfile module that python provides.

The tutorial you followed claimed that something like this works:

import tempfile

with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdirname:

print('Created temporary directory:', tmpdirname)

You try it, try to create a file in that folder and get an error telling you that the folder does not exist.


Replace it with this:

import tempfile
tmp_dir_name = tempfile.mkdtemp()
print('Created temporary directory:', tmp_dir_name)

It is less elegant, but it works (as long as you have the file permissions right)


To be honest I have no explanation so far why it happens in a Docker environment. My theory is that there is somewhat of an issue with Python and Docker, where Docker doesn´t fill the requirement to Pythons expectation.

Nonetheless I was search quite some time for a working Solution and wanted to have it here for your ease.


I use this solution for a production system on an ecommerce style website with the Saleor Framework.

It´s used to clone a repository which contains the sitemap.xml, generates the new one, commits it and pushes it to the GitHub repo. From there a GitHub Actions is deploying it into the running container with the website (here).

Let me know when it helped you.




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