• Amazon AWS
    Amazon Webs Services Branch, providing on demand cloud computing platforms
  • AWS
    See Amazon AWS
  • Amazon CLI
    The Commandline interface to the Amazon Ecosystem. Has a version 1 and 2.
    Supports multiple profiles, meaning access to multiple accounts.
  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    An Amazon Product, reliable, scalable Infrastructure on Demand
  • AWS EC2
    See AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
    An Amazon Product, a fully managed Docker Container Registry to externally store, share and deploy container images
    See AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • In general Virtualisation means abstracting software from hardware
  • OS Level Virtualisation
    OS Level Virtualisation Software like VMWare, VirtualBox, HyperV, Citrix etc. uses Virtualisation to separate an Operating System from another one.
    For example on a strong server you with Windows Server Edition Operating System you could run Red Hat Linux, Apple Server, etc. in parallel on the same machine.
    This allows not only control of an application but also about the Operating System set up and Patch Level for the application.
    As this typeo of Virtualisation runs a full Operating system, the requirements for it are higher compared with Containerisation.
  • Container/Application Level Virtualisation
    Opposite to OS Level Virtualisation Container or Application Level Virtualisiation packages Applications, allowing multiple Applications to be deployed in a repreducable way.
    This allows less control over the underlying operating system and patchlevel but in return tends to provide higer performance.
  • Docker
    Docker is a platform as a service product for container virtualisation, also known as Containerisation