Saleor Core


You experience issues with unavailable fields? The error messages suggest: “Did you mean this abc xyz”?


Verify that the naming on the Model and the GraphQL types match.


It´s easy to have a mismatch, especially in a team of developers where not all changes on a specific area are done by the same developer or if the communication is not 100% perfect. A abc_xyz on the model but xyz_abc on the GraphQL Type definition will fail. Rename both to abc_xyz or abc_xyz and it Saleor Core will happily run.


Graphene-django uses your definitions, no matching magic to automatically make your Model fields available by the name in the model. Instead it´s your responsibility to define the fields in the graphql/graphene type definition. So that you can use them in the GraphQL endpoint of your saleor core installation.

Let me know when this helped you.



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