Software Development: Difficult work and environments

Software Development is hard work. It can be very rewardings, seeing how things you created out of thin air materialize. Like a castle in the air became reality.

But it doesn´t change that it is hard, mental work. You get frustrated when it doesn´t look like you expected it to. Or the behaviour is different then imagined. Or the library you used has no documentation (or even worse outdated documentation luring you into the wrong direction).

When you´re working on a project as employee, there might be impossible deadlines pressed on you and you have no way to set the boundaries you need.

Or you are introverted and need a quiet environment like a private office, but your company only has an open floor plan (based on outdated recommendations).

All the cases make the work itself harder, you need to expend more energy then required by the project itself.

If you recognize it, great. You made the first step of realizing it already. And most of us have been there, been in a less then ideal situation. Maybe financial struggles keep you there, maybe the promise of that equity that will make you rich.

Whatever the reason, remember to take care of yourself. Physically and mentally. I myself struggle with this, every day. Torn between creating the environment I want and need, the money that comes with the job (and the promise of riches of course) and the requirements of the job.

Every day is a new battle, adhering to the requirements but also trying to stay true to myself. Giving myself what I need.

Covid-19 has made it better and worse in a way, I was lucky to keep my job but “double shifts” were requested. The restrictions were taking a toll on my mental health, as all the usual coping mechanism were pulled away from me. In a way working from home was counter acting it, letting me stay in a quieter environment. On the other hand, the dynamics of the communication is still set up to work way better in person, then remote.

I´m not posting this to complain. I chose this job. I applied for different positions and chose this one. The people are usually great.

How is that for you? Is everything perfect in your job? What are the pain points? How do you deal with it?

Yours, Frank

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