Spicy, vegan, goodness: Indian Dal alike

Sometimes you crave some soul food. Something delicious, nourishing and making you feel good. Something like the hot bowl of chicken soup in your childhood. Or the Ratatouille. Or what it was for you.

Spices can do amazing things for your health and your mood. How much so you have to find out for yourself. For example with a dish that is similar to an Indian Dal. I prefer intense spices, therefore feel free to halve the amounts if you prefer it lighter.

The Recipe I´m personally using:

1/2 Package of Lentils

1 big cup of rice

3 tablespoons oil

1 big onion

20 cloves garlic, minced

1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger

2 tablespoons garam masala

2 tablespoons turmeric

1/2 tablespoon powdered black pepper

1 tablespoon coriander

1 tablespoon salt

250g fresh tomatoes, diced

1 soup cube (your favourite)

1 tablespoon thai curry paste (optional)

I´m using my versatile rice cooker for convenience when cooking my Golden Milk. A normal pot works too, of course.

  1. Cook the onion in a pan until soft (5-7 minutes).
  2. Add minced Garlic and ginger, add some oil if required. Cook for 1 Minute on medium.
  3. Add the spices and cook for 1-2 minutes. Stir well and let it not burn.
  4. Put Lentils and rice into a pot (or ricecooker). Add water, the stock and the optional thai curry paste.
  5. Cook the lentils and rice until the water is mostly absorbed. Stir well and often.
  6. When the water is almost gone, add the content from the pan. Add a little bit of water to the pan to get the full taste out of it.
  7. Cover the pot and simmer.
  8. Enjoy.

According to Source 1, it can be stored for 4 days in the fridge or up to 4 months in the freezer.

I highly recommend you to try it out and experiment with it make it your own, to feel great every time you get it.

Let me know how it works for you.




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