An Introvert in Software Development Series

I´m starting a series about being an Introvert in Software Development, shining the light on different aspects and challenges in each article.

Cross Reading Blogs, Aggregation Platforms like and similar, you can easily get the picture that you need to be an extrovert if you want to do Software Development professionally. And that if you are not, you have no chance.

Sometimes in my job I get that feeling too, but that is especially when I let the demands on my person dictate how my Life goes, how I spend my waking hours.

I struggle every day with the Balance between being my and fulfilling my needs on one hand and giving the business what they request on the other hand.

As a reminder to myself and an orientation point for you I’m doing this series. To fight getting sucked into business bullshit, being put under pressure, chasing the carrot being dangled in front of your nose.
To remind Introverts and reinforce that we have a say in this.

How was that saying: “Do no harm but take no shit”? Yes, that sounds right.

So stay tuned!

Table of Content

  1. An Introvert in Software Development Series: Saying No

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